Sunday, 7 July 2013

Courteeners. Primark dress.

So this Friday, me and my best friend, Becky, were invited to the courteeners gig in Manchester. Boy, oh boy was it hectic.

We managed to worm our way into VIP, but decided we'd rather be in the thick of it and get trampled on. Was the best decision, EVER!

We were supposed to be enjoying the sub and having a night in, maybe have a BBQ but we are so glad that those plans changed. I had tried to get tickets for a while but had no luck, so to be invited, with free tickets and end up in VIP. Was amazing!!

I am a massive fan of the courteeners (I thinks it because they're from Manchester too) I but Becky however, is not. I don't know how this is possible!

So here are some of the pictures we took whilst we were there..

My dress and cardigan are from Primark and my shoes are converse..

Stay safe guys.. Xxxx

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Not Fashion related. SHE'S HERE!!!!

She's here.

After 37 weeks of waiting and panicking my beautiful god daughter has arrived. I am so overly happy.. I've actually spent the whole day crying with happiness.

Such a precious day, Kerriann, if and when you read this, I love you and Adam the whole world and baby Maya, is going to be an absolute stunner. you've done well. I couldn't have hoped for anything better for the both of you.

Much love.

Sunday, 30 June 2013

GARNIER - Moisture Match

Hello Everyone! :D Hope June was a lovely month for you :)

So this month I have chosen to do a review of the new Garnier Moisture Match.
Garnier have brought out 5 new 24hr moisturisers for different skin types, they have 'Tailor Made' this 5 moisturisers so that there is one for each skin type.

As you can see I went for the 'Yellow' one which is for normal to dry skin, which is what my skin type is. The yellow one is 'protect and glow' which is perfect for me because I sometime feel that my face is quite dull.

It's a really light-weight and it smells amazing.
However, it isn't fast absorbing, even though it says it is on the packaging, which was disappointing because it't not a product that can easily be applied as you're heading out the door, if you're having a makeup free day.

Main points. 
SPF 20 - So no need to worry about the sun. I always wear sun cream or an equivalent like this.
Suitable for sensitive skin - I have horribly sensitive skin and this has been great :)

I've been using this product for about 3 weeks and I have to say, my face has began glowing, I always worry when products say that they help to  'glow' because I always worry it will make my face oily and not glow-y. But I was happily surprised with this.

Thanks Guys :D


Friday, 14 June 2013

It's Wednesday!

I've recently finished uni for summer so it's work, work, work! This makes me sad. However, me and my best friend, Rebecca, are planning a holiday for late summer, just for a chill before we go back in September. We're not sure as to where we want to go yet, either somewhere warm or a city break. That would make it 3 holidays in one year. I'm happy with that. Also this summer I'm trying to get a car, I've been driving or at least I've had my licence for 6 months and haven't driven since my pass day. Meaning that I now need a car. Hopefully my parents will contribute.

I've recently been ill and it's still not gone, and being ill makes me think of Christmas, bit early to get excited? I think not. Also this summer, my friends baby is due, my god daughter, baby Maya. Any ideas what Ivan get her?

Another thing, my business cards have come, feeling professional now :)

Short blog to keep you all update, don't forget to get to get your friends to follow me :) would mean the world, plus, I've a giveaway coming!


Stay safe guys.


Monday, 27 May 2013

What May has brought.

I've had the craziest couple of weeks.

I've finally finished uni for the summer which makes me more happy then I have ever been! :)

I bet you're all wondering what I've been up too.
We'll I literally finished uni by submitting my final piece of coursework about 20 minutes before me and Matthew headed off to Paris for the weekend.

It was perfect. We went for our 5 year anniversary (I hate that word, I feel that can only been used when you're married). But we stayed just outside the centre and get the Met to Paris everyday. I have never, ever walked so much in my life. It was absolutely perfect, we did all the sights and had a lovely time.  

 Matt showing off his lovely photography skills..

 This is the padlock bridge. It was so precious. I fell in love.. Obviously Matthew and I put a lock on :)

View from the bottom of the tower.. we went to the very top which considering matthew has a fear of heights I was so proud of him for doing that. In the rain I might add.

After the weekend in Paris we had a gig booked, so Matthew and I went to this gig with about 7 of our friends, it was very fun. It was for a band called the Skints. it was reggae music and  it was fantastic. The support were great as well, I actually bought a T-shirt of the support. they were called 'Current Swell'.. check them out!

After the gig was a boring week at work.
However, Yesterday was my Best Friend, Kerriann's Baby shower. Which me and the other god Mothers thought would be a nice idea. Maya ( My future god-daughter) has been absolutely spoilt. I cannot wait to meet her.

This is a picture of me, the mum-to-be and the other two god mothers.

The fun hasn't stopped yet. I have such a crazy month of June planned and I cannot wait!! :)

I'll keep you informed, and I will have a haul coming soon.. :)

Stay Safe...

Simone xxx

Friday, 3 May 2013

Primark haul

I've been absent recently, mainly because I have a huge stack of uni work which doesn't seem to be going ANYWHERE! However, I now have a little time to show you what I bought from Primark, today actually.
This is what I bought today

Summer Dress (sale) - £7

Closer look. 
This dress is absolutely beautiful. Its a denim copy, with white polka dots. Will be perfect with a         pair of nude flats.

Jeans £9
 Light blue jeans, they're very soft and almost feel like you're wearing leggings. Perfect.
White flats with bow - £5
Black flowery flats - £4 

  I'm wearing the white ones today :)

Socks £1.50
  I love socks. I love to have warm feet which is never usually the case so I usually buy socks when ever I go shopping. :)

White summer dress - £7 (sale)

Closer look at the detail

Monday, 22 April 2013

Christening outfit. Under £50

This weekend was a highly anticipated weekend for my family. My nephew turned 2 and on the same day we held his Christening.
My nephew, Joshua was spoilt rotten as was expected and we had a lovely day.

I challenged myself to get an outfit under £50 and get it from Primark. I DID IT!
I had loads of compliments about it and how classy I looked.

Jacket £19, Vest top £2.50, Pants £11, Shoes £16- Total, £48.50.

Closer look

Micky came to the christening. This is my Uncle.

Man of the moment, Joshua. 

Matthew and myself :) 

With my outfit, I thought and was right, that everyone would be wearing dresses. However, it wasn't the nicest of weather and I wanted to look a bit different. So I went for the on trend monochrome situation. I loved my outfit. Matthew was asked to be the god father of Joshua which made the day even more special. We loved every second of it. 

So go and grab a bargain at Primark and get yourself an outfit for under £50!!! 

Stay safe guys xxx

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Essie copies.

So today I was feeling a little sorry for myself and as everybody knows shopping is the best medicine. So I headed into town and bought myself a few little items. I went into Superdrug and I found at the Makeup academy (MUA) counter, that they've brought out a new collection of Nail varnishes. The packaging is very similar to Essie and the colours look very similar as well. The best thing about them is that they were each £1!!! I could have bought 8 of the MUA ones for just one Essie. I picked up 3.

 I for one am not a massive spender when it comes to nail varnishes. With my job I cant wear nail varnish so I have to make the most of it when I'm off. However, I do own some expensive ones but I don't get the most out of them. 

From left to right - Plum Noir, Frozen Yoghurt and Pistachio Ice cream.
The colours I chose I thought would all be perfect for Spring. 

I have tried out the Frozen Yoghurt  one and I have to admit, it is fantastic!! I would go as far as to say it is on a par with the Essie varnishes. They dry VERY quickly and you could possibly get away with just one coat. 

I think My favourite one out of the 3 I picked is possibly the Pistachio Ice cream one. it's so light and is perfect for making an outfit.

I always think that if I wasn't in an accessorising kind of mood then I'd just paint my nails. It makes me feel more womanly. 

SO go and grab yourself a bargain.. :) 

Stay safe xxx

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Outfit ideas.

My life consists of my job and university. So the first time I get more than 3 hours away from either I go over board on clothes.

I will definitely be recreating these two looks given half the chance. Especially now the weather I'm looking up..

Stay safe guys..


This is my first Saturday off in a while, I best send it wisely.

Firstly, early morning breakfast. I'm going for a costa breakfast. Strawberry granola yogurt, a latte and a bottle of water. I'm not usually a big breakfast eater but I thought I may as well spoil myself.
I don't usually sit in coffee shops and blog because I feel like its quite pretensions, not my cup of tea (no pun intended).

Then, I've got a few errands to run, pick things up, drop things off - the usual. But whilst I'm in town I'm thinking of having a nosy at what the high street has to offer me. I am in need of a new cleanser so that may be on the cards.
I also have a lot of uni work to catch up on and need to stop putting it off. I find myself putting it off to go to the gym, who does that? No body likes the gym.

It's also the John Smith Grand national today, I've got my bets down, not that I understand anything about it. I didn't even know how to place a bet.
I thought I'd get involved this year.


It's starting to look and finally act like spring. This makes me super happy.

Perfect spring look? I think so.. I'll recreate this look if anyone would like that?

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Favourite Lipsticks

Happy Wednesday guys.. 

First of all, I'd just like to express my excitement about the weather change. It's warming up!! Finally. 

Anyway, back to point..

I love lipsticks and changing the colour frequently. It's safer to change the colour of your lipstick than it is to go out in a massively bright eye colour. Wearing a bold lipstick can take an outfit from being girly and fun, to sexy all depending on what colour you choose and what texture you prefer. 

 These are my five favourite colours, I have to admit it was hard to narrow them down. And now, just looking at them I didn't realise that they are all practically pink. Haha. All five of them are within reasonable pricing, mainly high street. The most expensive one was the MAC one. 

 This one is a Maybelline Lipstick. Its a pinky/Orange colour and it has a slight shimmer also.  It's called Pink Peony.This costed £5.99.

This one, as you can see is MAC, I've used this to it's death. I'm definitely going to have to re - purchase this badboy!  Its called Lustre. I got it whilst I was in America. I think it was about $17.

This is From the Kate Moss Collection for Rimmel. It is probably my favourite lipstick of all time! it's in  number 107, and I know this was really popular around Christmas time, because I couldn't get hold of it and really wanted to try it! This was £6.99.

This is my favourite day time Lipstick. I could wear it for the rest of my life. It's just a perfect pink for Spring time, as it can be worn with anything. It's from Revlon and its in the colour Pink in the Afternoon. If I was to recommend only one of these five, It would be this one. £6.99.

Finally, this one is quite a young, fun colour, and I've worn this a lot on nights out with my friends or when I feel carefree and that I don't need to act responsible. This is also a Rimmel Lipstick. It's in the colour  Heartbreaker. This was only £3.99. 

So go explore, let me know what you think and any recommendations that you think I'd like :) 
Stay safe guys xxx

Monday, 25 March 2013

Where is the heat?

Why, can I ask is it so cold? It's Spring. Mother Nature sort it out!!!!

Because it's cold it's making it difficult to get into spring fashion. I love Spring and I want to wear dresses and skirts and be comfortable without getting frost bite on my nipples!

It looks like I'm going to have to stick to wearing winter clothes. wooly jumpers, hats and scarves at the ready guys.

However, although its still 'winter' out there and I can't wear less clothing, I can wear spring nail varnishes. My favourites at the moment would have to be:

Essie: Go Ginza. Absolutely PERFECT to liven up any outfit. It takes about two coats to come out with the perfect pink. but as everyone knows, Essie Nails are perfect nails.

Essie: Mango Bango. This is more of a statement colour. It's flirty and girly and perfect for when those warm nights finally arrive.

These two nail colours I'm actually living for. I tend to paint my nails when ever possible, and its not as often as I'd like because of work commitments. But I'm female and should act every bit of female that I am.

Stay tuned guys.. :)

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Mint, leather and Nike?

Stop thinking that sportswear is a gym/workout situation. It's not. I'm currently loving teaming up sportswear with casual clothes such as these MINT coloured pants and a leather jacket.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Printed pants/jeans for spring

So last year it was all about printed leggings.. This year, on to printed pants/jeans.

Printed pants/jeans can be scary so remember if you're a bigger women (or man, I won't judge) go for a darker pattern on the bottom so it doesn't highlight your problem areas.

To play it safe I'd go for a bold, single colour on the top to create a contrast. However, if you like to mix it up, go for both areas patterned.. Good luck.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Paris ideas

                 So me and Matthew are going to Paris in May for our 5 years together. So happy.

It'll be perfect. 

I'm a sucker for bags and at this moment in time I am loving this one. I may have to make a cheeky purchase for Paris. 
It's a Jerome Dreyfuss stunner!!
in a mustard colour.
I would work with a simple black outfit just to make it a statement piece or could be teamed with other brights.


On the way to university.. What a beautiful day. It's a bit cold, so it's still coat weather but sunglasses at the ready..

Monday, 18 March 2013

Spring has Sprung (ish)

It's MARCH. Which means its now spring time, However with the look of the weather it's not very Springish. It was actually snowing this week.
When I think of Spring I think of flowers, pink (the colour), fruit and happiness, As soppy as that sounds. I LOVE SPRING! I can't wait to wear less clothes and just see everyone being happier.

This picture shows a perfect light outfit for spring. I may use this as inspiration for my upcoming trip to Paris. 

I love to wear light colours in the spring, pinks, purple, orange anything that lifts moods. 

Stay tuned guys... :)