Saturday, 13 April 2013

Essie copies.

So today I was feeling a little sorry for myself and as everybody knows shopping is the best medicine. So I headed into town and bought myself a few little items. I went into Superdrug and I found at the Makeup academy (MUA) counter, that they've brought out a new collection of Nail varnishes. The packaging is very similar to Essie and the colours look very similar as well. The best thing about them is that they were each £1!!! I could have bought 8 of the MUA ones for just one Essie. I picked up 3.

 I for one am not a massive spender when it comes to nail varnishes. With my job I cant wear nail varnish so I have to make the most of it when I'm off. However, I do own some expensive ones but I don't get the most out of them. 

From left to right - Plum Noir, Frozen Yoghurt and Pistachio Ice cream.
The colours I chose I thought would all be perfect for Spring. 

I have tried out the Frozen Yoghurt  one and I have to admit, it is fantastic!! I would go as far as to say it is on a par with the Essie varnishes. They dry VERY quickly and you could possibly get away with just one coat. 

I think My favourite one out of the 3 I picked is possibly the Pistachio Ice cream one. it's so light and is perfect for making an outfit.

I always think that if I wasn't in an accessorising kind of mood then I'd just paint my nails. It makes me feel more womanly. 

SO go and grab yourself a bargain.. :) 

Stay safe xxx


  1. These colours look lovely, i'll be off into town to pick my own up tomorrow, my purse will be damning you! haha, great blog Simone!
    Love from LuLu

    1. No need, with them only being £1 each!!! You can buy plenty :)

      Thanks.. Don't forget to follow :) xx