Monday, 25 March 2013

Where is the heat?

Why, can I ask is it so cold? It's Spring. Mother Nature sort it out!!!!

Because it's cold it's making it difficult to get into spring fashion. I love Spring and I want to wear dresses and skirts and be comfortable without getting frost bite on my nipples!

It looks like I'm going to have to stick to wearing winter clothes. wooly jumpers, hats and scarves at the ready guys.

However, although its still 'winter' out there and I can't wear less clothing, I can wear spring nail varnishes. My favourites at the moment would have to be:

Essie: Go Ginza. Absolutely PERFECT to liven up any outfit. It takes about two coats to come out with the perfect pink. but as everyone knows, Essie Nails are perfect nails.

Essie: Mango Bango. This is more of a statement colour. It's flirty and girly and perfect for when those warm nights finally arrive.

These two nail colours I'm actually living for. I tend to paint my nails when ever possible, and its not as often as I'd like because of work commitments. But I'm female and should act every bit of female that I am.

Stay tuned guys.. :)

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Mint, leather and Nike?

Stop thinking that sportswear is a gym/workout situation. It's not. I'm currently loving teaming up sportswear with casual clothes such as these MINT coloured pants and a leather jacket.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Printed pants/jeans for spring

So last year it was all about printed leggings.. This year, on to printed pants/jeans.

Printed pants/jeans can be scary so remember if you're a bigger women (or man, I won't judge) go for a darker pattern on the bottom so it doesn't highlight your problem areas.

To play it safe I'd go for a bold, single colour on the top to create a contrast. However, if you like to mix it up, go for both areas patterned.. Good luck.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Paris ideas

                 So me and Matthew are going to Paris in May for our 5 years together. So happy.

It'll be perfect. 

I'm a sucker for bags and at this moment in time I am loving this one. I may have to make a cheeky purchase for Paris. 
It's a Jerome Dreyfuss stunner!!
in a mustard colour.
I would work with a simple black outfit just to make it a statement piece or could be teamed with other brights.


On the way to university.. What a beautiful day. It's a bit cold, so it's still coat weather but sunglasses at the ready..

Monday, 18 March 2013

Spring has Sprung (ish)

It's MARCH. Which means its now spring time, However with the look of the weather it's not very Springish. It was actually snowing this week.
When I think of Spring I think of flowers, pink (the colour), fruit and happiness, As soppy as that sounds. I LOVE SPRING! I can't wait to wear less clothes and just see everyone being happier.

This picture shows a perfect light outfit for spring. I may use this as inspiration for my upcoming trip to Paris. 

I love to wear light colours in the spring, pinks, purple, orange anything that lifts moods. 

Stay tuned guys... :)