Monday, 27 May 2013

What May has brought.

I've had the craziest couple of weeks.

I've finally finished uni for the summer which makes me more happy then I have ever been! :)

I bet you're all wondering what I've been up too.
We'll I literally finished uni by submitting my final piece of coursework about 20 minutes before me and Matthew headed off to Paris for the weekend.

It was perfect. We went for our 5 year anniversary (I hate that word, I feel that can only been used when you're married). But we stayed just outside the centre and get the Met to Paris everyday. I have never, ever walked so much in my life. It was absolutely perfect, we did all the sights and had a lovely time.  

 Matt showing off his lovely photography skills..

 This is the padlock bridge. It was so precious. I fell in love.. Obviously Matthew and I put a lock on :)

View from the bottom of the tower.. we went to the very top which considering matthew has a fear of heights I was so proud of him for doing that. In the rain I might add.

After the weekend in Paris we had a gig booked, so Matthew and I went to this gig with about 7 of our friends, it was very fun. It was for a band called the Skints. it was reggae music and  it was fantastic. The support were great as well, I actually bought a T-shirt of the support. they were called 'Current Swell'.. check them out!

After the gig was a boring week at work.
However, Yesterday was my Best Friend, Kerriann's Baby shower. Which me and the other god Mothers thought would be a nice idea. Maya ( My future god-daughter) has been absolutely spoilt. I cannot wait to meet her.

This is a picture of me, the mum-to-be and the other two god mothers.

The fun hasn't stopped yet. I have such a crazy month of June planned and I cannot wait!! :)

I'll keep you informed, and I will have a haul coming soon.. :)

Stay Safe...

Simone xxx

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