Friday, 14 June 2013

It's Wednesday!

I've recently finished uni for summer so it's work, work, work! This makes me sad. However, me and my best friend, Rebecca, are planning a holiday for late summer, just for a chill before we go back in September. We're not sure as to where we want to go yet, either somewhere warm or a city break. That would make it 3 holidays in one year. I'm happy with that. Also this summer I'm trying to get a car, I've been driving or at least I've had my licence for 6 months and haven't driven since my pass day. Meaning that I now need a car. Hopefully my parents will contribute.

I've recently been ill and it's still not gone, and being ill makes me think of Christmas, bit early to get excited? I think not. Also this summer, my friends baby is due, my god daughter, baby Maya. Any ideas what Ivan get her?

Another thing, my business cards have come, feeling professional now :)

Short blog to keep you all update, don't forget to get to get your friends to follow me :) would mean the world, plus, I've a giveaway coming!


Stay safe guys.


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