Saturday, 6 April 2013


This is my first Saturday off in a while, I best send it wisely.

Firstly, early morning breakfast. I'm going for a costa breakfast. Strawberry granola yogurt, a latte and a bottle of water. I'm not usually a big breakfast eater but I thought I may as well spoil myself.
I don't usually sit in coffee shops and blog because I feel like its quite pretensions, not my cup of tea (no pun intended).

Then, I've got a few errands to run, pick things up, drop things off - the usual. But whilst I'm in town I'm thinking of having a nosy at what the high street has to offer me. I am in need of a new cleanser so that may be on the cards.
I also have a lot of uni work to catch up on and need to stop putting it off. I find myself putting it off to go to the gym, who does that? No body likes the gym.

It's also the John Smith Grand national today, I've got my bets down, not that I understand anything about it. I didn't even know how to place a bet.
I thought I'd get involved this year.


It's starting to look and finally act like spring. This makes me super happy.

Perfect spring look? I think so.. I'll recreate this look if anyone would like that?

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