Friday, 3 May 2013

Primark haul

I've been absent recently, mainly because I have a huge stack of uni work which doesn't seem to be going ANYWHERE! However, I now have a little time to show you what I bought from Primark, today actually.
This is what I bought today

Summer Dress (sale) - £7

Closer look. 
This dress is absolutely beautiful. Its a denim copy, with white polka dots. Will be perfect with a         pair of nude flats.

Jeans £9
 Light blue jeans, they're very soft and almost feel like you're wearing leggings. Perfect.
White flats with bow - £5
Black flowery flats - £4 

  I'm wearing the white ones today :)

Socks £1.50
  I love socks. I love to have warm feet which is never usually the case so I usually buy socks when ever I go shopping. :)

White summer dress - £7 (sale)

Closer look at the detail
 This dress is beautiful. Its so summery and girly. This dress can literally be dressed up or down. If anyone is interested in seeing a look book on this dress or the other dress let me know :)

What I'm wearing today. 

Thanks for checking my blog out guys. If there is anything you'd like to see let me know.

Stay tuned. 


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