Sunday, 7 July 2013

Courteeners. Primark dress.

So this Friday, me and my best friend, Becky, were invited to the courteeners gig in Manchester. Boy, oh boy was it hectic.

We managed to worm our way into VIP, but decided we'd rather be in the thick of it and get trampled on. Was the best decision, EVER!

We were supposed to be enjoying the sub and having a night in, maybe have a BBQ but we are so glad that those plans changed. I had tried to get tickets for a while but had no luck, so to be invited, with free tickets and end up in VIP. Was amazing!!

I am a massive fan of the courteeners (I thinks it because they're from Manchester too) I but Becky however, is not. I don't know how this is possible!

So here are some of the pictures we took whilst we were there..

My dress and cardigan are from Primark and my shoes are converse..

Stay safe guys.. Xxxx

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